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Read more on the opportunities we have in store for you in 2020!

While this year we will be deprived of meeting face to face, a digital conference allows us to offer more content and opportunities to indies than ever before! It also allows many indies outside of Bucharest and Romania to join us in greater number and benefit from everything we have to offer first hand.

How to take advantage of the Indie Benefits and Opportunities

Signing up for the Indie Experience at Dev Play is so simple.

Step 2

Come back to this page and fill in the form to apply for one or all the incredible opportunities we have to offer.

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Indie Benefits & Opportunities

Get your Indie Tickets

Register as an Indie

Have you already purchased your Indie tickets for Dev Play 2020?

Great! You just have to fill in the INDIE MASTER FORM and tell us more about you, your game and your studio and then check off the opportunities you want to apply for. We will make sure to tell you by September 30, 2020 if you have been selected for one of for all these awesome events.

Make sure you read the rules, regulations and eligibility criteria available here.

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