Panel: Women in Games – The Walls We Build Ourselves

Women in Games: The Walls we Build Ourselves 

14:00-15:00 October 4th at Grand Cinema&More –  Baneasa Shopping City 

Over 50% of all world gamers are women but only 20% of game developers are women. Between 2005 and 2015 the percentage of women game developers almost doubled however when you break it down to core roles, women make up to only 5% of programmers and 10% of visual artists or game designers.  In contrast, over 20% of ITC specialists in Europe are women.

The purpose of the panel is to promote the inclusion and advancement of women in the local games industry.

The panel is dedicated to young girls interested in exploring this career path, knowing that if more of them start moving in that direction, it will help the culture switch momentum, going towards building a more inclusive environment.

This panel will be an opportunity for the panelists to reflect on their career paths in the game development industry and point out moments that helped them break through the walls that they had built themselves or that had been built for them.


Liz Mercuri – Technical Evangelist  –  Unity  (UK)

Cristina Neamtu- Co-Founder – AMC Romania (Romania)

Nicole Maas-  Art Director Fifa Series –  EA Sports ( Canada)

Franziska Zeiner-  Game Designer and Researcher ( Germany)

Moderator: Andreea Medvedovici – Per

Register here to participate at the panel, limited places available:

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