10:30 AM

Near-Mage: Leveraging Transylvania via Crowdfunding

Liviu Boar

In this talk, Liviu Boar explores and explains how tiny Romanian studio Stuck In Attic managed to turn their Transylvanian heritage and love for narrative games into a crowdfunding success. More than 500% funded, Near-Mage is the studio’s second Kickstarter, and the second game in the so-called “Kittehverse”. The talk also explores how “Dracula”‘s importance still reverberates through the ages, the oft-underrated value of local color; dos, don’ts, tips and tricks for successfully crowdfunding your game

11:00 AM

Building the Talent Pipeline in the Gaming Industry

Milos Duricanin

In this talk, Milos is sharing the overview of Nordeus and Serbian Gaming Association efforts in building a talent pipeline for the whole gaming industry in Serbia. The experience shared in this talk is applicable in a local community, or even for an individual company, as a way of building talent pools. Nordeus became a local hero in 2010, with the global success of Top Eleven, one of the most popular mobile sports games in the world. Since then, the company invested in building the local gaming ecosystem, under the vision of putting Serbia on the global map of gaming. The Serbian gaming industry today is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Serbian economy, driven by the amazing gaming community. To learn more from our experience – tune in to this talk.”

11:30 AM

Personalized Pitches 

Gwen Foster

Gwen will teach you how  to pitch your game successfully. Need we say more?

12:00 AM

Prod + Test = <3


“We don’t have enough bugs in JIRA!” “The programmers aren’t fixing the bugs!” We keep hearing these phrases since the early days of game development. But the gap between production and testing is now becoming a thing of the past. And the future looks good. Let’s explore it together!

12:30 AM

How TikTok is reimagining game culture for all

Karol Sobczak

A session dedicated to all professionals from the games industry interested in using this hugely succesful platform to attract players and engage with their community.

13:00 AM

Equity Funding as a First Step of Scoping Up Indie Studios

Dariusz Wais 

If you can’t self-fund your projects or you want to grow faster, then you’ll need to raise external funding. Equity finance is one common way for businesses to get the money they need. How is it working in the gamedev industry ?

13:30 AM

Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine – Empowering the Content Creators

Andreea Gabriela Mandroiu & Liviu Totolici

What started out at first as an R&D project at Massive Entertainment (a Ubisoft Studio), has grown into an engine used worldwide in Ubisoft. Join Andreea and Liviu to find out more about Snowdrop’s amazing features and how it helps unleash the developers’ creativity.

14:00 AM

How to Get Serious About Player Feedback

James Gallagher

Allowing players to participate in the direction of your game is a positive part of modern gaming culture – how many authors or musicians offer to change their work based on input from the reader or listener? But listening to a growing community is a major commitment, especially for indie teams that don’t have dedicated community manager.In this session James Gallagher (Senior Social Media Manager at Keywords Studios) shares practical examples for gathering feedback and engaging with your players, without taking too much focus away from game development.

14:30 AM

Mobile Games Are Bad

Vlad Muscalu

An honest look at the ‘what, how and why’ of mobile gaming, and the prejudice that comes with them

15:00 AM

“Panel: 1.State support for the video games industry: is it necessary? Why?”


In this panel we will discuss with representatives of the German and Serbian industry about the impact state support can have on the game development industry but also why such state support is desirable for our specific domain. Raoul Trifan, MP and vice-chair of the IT&C Committee in the Romanian Parliament will also join the panel to explain why he chose the role of the ambassador of the local industry in the Parliament and why he believes the state has a lot to benefit from supporting game developers producing original IP in Romania./p>

16:00 AM

Fireside Chat:  Building Teams, Creating Games

 Johannes Roth , Andreea Medvedovici-Per

A chat with Johannes Roth, Co-Founder on Business, Strategy and Funding.

16:45 AM

Fireside Chat:

Fireside Chat: Getting Investment as an Indie Studio

George Lemnaru, Catalin Butnariu

This session will explore the reasoning, preparation and potential pitfall in getting investment as an independent games studio. The panel’s guest is George Lemnaru, one of the most successful video game entrepreneurs in Romania, who has been involved in multiple rounds of investment and two successful exits.

17:30 AM

Fireside Chat: NFT / Crypto / Play-to-Earn – The Future of Games?

Marty Caplan, Roy Liu

It’s the hottest trend in games at the moment. NFT, cryptocurrencies and Play-to-Earn are bringing in a lot of new investments in the industry and are creating a lot of buzz. But while these concepts and technologies have the potential to disrupt the digital entertainment industry, they are also sparking some controversy. Join this session to learn more about the impact these will have on the industry.

18:30 AM

Fireside Chat: Tales of Live AAA Games

Catalin Butnariu, Brett Crawford

This live session will feature Brett Crawford – Lead Designer on Heroes of the Storm and will cover the main aspects of working on a AAA live game, how this compares to the regular development cycles of such a title and what are the unique challenges of working in a live environment.