Dev.Play Speed Matching

16:30 – 18:00 – October 4th – Grand Cinema and More at Baneasa Shopping City

Coming back for the second time, our Speed Matching event aims to facilitate networking between regional independent developers and publishers / investors, in a speed-dating format.

Developers and other conference participants can sign up for the event below, indicating their contact info, what they are pitching and what they are looking for.

Signups are open until September 25th and selected participants will be announced by September 28th.

A preselected list guests including publishers, investors and first parties will be ready to meet developers, in 5-minute sessions:

Harri Manninen / Play Ventures

Tim Simmons / Nintendo

Riccardo Comazzi / 360

Agostino Simonetta / Xbox

Tom Giardino / Valve

Alon Paster / Tabtale

Falko Bocker / flaregames   

Jon Kimmich / Software Illuminati

The meetings will be pre-arranged by the Dev.Play staff, based on requests from the guests and the info submitted by participants through the form above.

Be sure to sign up and get those business cards ready for October 4th!

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