Marie Franville | Co-founder of web3-native studio, NABIYA

After curating international conferences in the video game industry, Marie has been working in the blockchain space since 2018. She co-founded a web3-native studio, NABIYA, based in France.

NABIYA is a creative studio that develops games and immersive experiences on several open metaverses.  Currently in the process of building its title ELEMENTS on The Sandbox – an atmospheric exploration game, the team is also taking on board a few selected pure web3 clients’ projects and is building immersive experiences on the metaverse for their brands: World of Women, Avenged Sevenfold, Cyberkongz, Dogami…

NABIYA delivers high-quality, leading-edge builds for the metaverse. With strong art direction and advanced technical expertise, our mission is to successfully bring brands to life on the metaverse, with high-end, clever, innovative approaches. The studio works on builds which are unique landmarks tempting to bring emotion and beauty to the metaverse.