Sebastian Kalemba | VP, Game Director

Sebastian Kalemba is passionate about storytelling and creation in all forms, but after years spent in the broad industry, he decided to permanently associate with the gaming industry, and more precisely with CDPROJEKT RED. Sebastian started working during the production of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as a Lead Animator and over time he was promoted to Head of Animation and Animation Director for Cyberpunk 2077. While working on these two titles, he became passionate about team building, management and leadership and believes that creative skills with good leadership are two sides of the same coin and neither of them can be omitted because the success of such large projects depends directly on both factors. Animation is literally in the middle of the creative process chain, hence hundreds of hours spent directing actors, scenes and cooperation between literally all departments prepared Sebastian to take up the role of game director of the new Witcher Saga, which he took up with great pride and honor. In his free time from work and family obligations as he has an amazing and creative and super active son and two dogs, Sebastian spends on sports, video and board games, books and films.