”Whether you’re just getting started as a Developer or you’re becoming an Expert in a specialized role, Unity certifications can help you at every stage of your career. Get certified and improve your chances of landing your dream job.”

  •  Get Unity Certified https://certification.unity.com/

Due to our partnership with GameDev Academy this year at Dev.Play you can become a  Unity Certified Associate ! The exam will take place at GameDev Academy on the 5th of October, the second day of the conference. The exam fee which also contains the discounted full Dev.Play ticket can be paid in our REGISTER section HERE  by the 25th of September. After purchasing this ticket, the Game Dev Academy staff will contact you concerning the Unity Exam.


The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and will take 90 minutes.  You need to get a score of at least 70% to  pass the text and get your certification. Are  YOU ready for it?

The following modules will be tested in the certification exam:

2. Asset Management
3. Audio
4. Editor interface
5. Employment Preparedness
6. Game Art Principles
7. Game Design Principles
8. Industry Awareness
9. Lighting
10. Materials and Effects
11. Navigation and Pathfinding
12. Physics
13. Programming
14. Project Management
15. Services
16. User interface

The full curriculum can be downloaded HERE.