– Your introduction to the game development world –

Dev.Play is calling on all young artists (between 16-25 years old)  from around Romania and Eastern Europe to showcase their talent and get introduced to the game development world, one of the most exciting and fascinating industries for an artist!

Be it 2D or 3D, art is instrumental in the development of a game and we want  you to learn more about what could be your place in this interactive world.

What is the theme of the art contest ?

The main theme chosen for the the first Dev.Play art contest is MYTHOLOGY.   Be it a simple character or a whole mystical universe, you can let your imagination go wherever it takes you! The good news is we want to let you decide which best you want to express your art and this means we welcome both 2D and 3D submissions from all young artists.

What do we wish to see?

Captivating artworks that convey a powerful message while representing mythological elements of different cultures and capturing certain aspects of civilization and folklore.

What do you need to do ? 

Submissions  are accepted between  22nd of August -1st of October 2018. Read our rules and regulations to see if you are qualified to enter the competition and also see how to make your submission!  You will need to send your submission at no later than 6PM on the 1st of October. Check the rules and regulations regarding your submission and follow the instructions carefully.


Download the  rules and regulations pdf in ENGLISH  HERE / ROMANIAN HERE.


On the  2nd of October the 15 finalists that will have their art being exhibited  at the Dev.Play Conference (4-5th of October 2018)  will be announced.

Why do we think that this a great opportunity for young artist?

The game development industry in Romania needs more passionate people about digital art in order to give life to new ideas and develop remarkable projects. This is the perfect opportunity to:

  • highlight your artistic talent by showcasing your artwork during Dev.Play, a B2B conference where your talent will be appreciated by like-minded peers and specialists in your field
  • learn from some of the best artists in game development from around the world
  • understand the game development industry – a lucrative industry were your talented could be nurtured and which gives your artworks a fantastic distribution outlet
  • understand what would mean for you to become a 2D or 3D artist in this industry, meet game dev artists and learn from their shared stories.
  • the 15 finalists will receive free access to the conference and will have the opportunity to take part in numerous workshops, talks and panels hosted by game developers from around the world and meet&interact with this amazing community.
  • their work will be judged and reviewed by famous local and international art directors in the industry and  the best artwork in both categories, 2D and 3D will be awarded with special prizes.

More details about submissions and prizes can be found in the competition rules in English HERE / in  Romanian HERE.