What is Dev.Play Indie Expo? 

Dev.Play Indie Expo is one of Eastern Europe’s biggest indie game showcase, featuring both national (Romanian) and international indie games. For the 2020 edition, due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are going fulldigital. 

One of Dev.Play’s key missions is to create opportunities for indie game developers from the Eastern Europe region and from all over the world. Now with our 2020 digital edition, it makes it much easier for studios all over the world to showcase their games at Dev.Play’s digital Indie Expo. The Indie Expo Area has typically been one of the most successful areas of the conference, and games which were first showcased at Dev.Play went on to win awards at well-known international indie competitions or secured publishing and investment deals. 

If I’m an indie game developer outside of Europe can I still apply? 

Yes! We encourage indies from all over the world to apply to showcase their game at Dev.PlayWith the conference being held fully digital in 2020, this is an easier opportunity & awesome visibility chance for you to show your game in front of the world irrespective of your location. Dev.Play conference attendants are usually based in Europe, but we welcome developers from everywhere.  

How many games will be selected for Dev.Play’s Indie Expo? 

The exhibition will be curated, and we will select a maximum of 50 best quality indie games 

Which games are eligible for the exhibition? 

All games are eligible if they are yet unreleased or have less than 12 months since its release date. All games released after November 1st 2019 are valid submissions to Dev.Play 2020. 

You can submit a game that is on early access/in development and currently playable on Steam / itch.io, by sending the corresponding set of keys or links to access the game. Our jury will not buy the games submitted for evaluation.  

What is the criteria to be selected to showcase my game at Dev.Play’s Indie Expo? 

To be eligible for the Indie Expo, games must not be globally launched for more than 1 year. Additionally, the Dev.Play staff and advisory board reserve the right to curate applications, to make sure they are of adequate quality (note: we’re pretty permissive but we want to provide a quality experience for attendees, so a student project done in 3 days may not make the cut, for example ?). We will also ensure that the games are not offensive or break any laws.  

How much will it cost if I’m selected to showcase my game at the Indie Expo? 

You will have to purchase a conference Indie Pass in value of 50 EUR from here https://dev-play.ro/register/ to be able to apply for the Indie Expo. Even if your game will not be selected to be part of the Indie Expo, Indie Pass tickets are discounted by more than 20%! They are the equivalent of a Business Pass, so you will be able to attend all conference lectures & workshops, having access also to the B2B tool to network, request & set meetings with peers inside the Dev.Play online community. In addition, Indie Passes will give you exclusive access to parts of the conference available only for indie developers (Production & Pitching WorkshopsPitch Arena to pitch your game or idea in front of press, publishers and investors joining Dev.Play as well as the opportunity to register for Nordic Game Discovery Contest). So even if you are not selected for the Indie Expo you can experience only the best from Dev.Play conference at a much lower fee, that of an Indie Pass. 

If your game is selected as a finalist in the Indie Expo, you don’t have to pay anything in addition to the Indie Pass already purchased. 

The mission of the Indie Expo is to support the indie game developers and to have the best selection of indie games accessible to Dev.Play online community & conference attendants. 

What happens if I’m selected as a finalist, how will the digital Indie Expo look like? 

Each selected game will be showcased in a dedicated expo section on the event online platform / show floor.  From your virtual booth, you will have the opportunity to display videos and info and even make live streams (as if you’d be presenting the game on an actual show floor). You will also be able to interact with the audience via live chat.  

Can I submit a game for any platform? 

Yes. We don’t have any limitations at this moment on platforms, but please keep in mind the content you want to show at your virtual booth.  

Will there be awards associated with Dev.Play Indie Expo? 

Yes! Our Dev.Play Awards Gala will celebrate the best games present at the event. You can read more on the event here  https://dev-play.ro/awards/ 

What is the deadline for game submissions? 

The deadline is the 10th of October 202000:00, Bucharest time. 

Can I submit more than one game? 

Yes, but only one title will be selected for the expo.  

How do I apply? 

All you need to do is fill in the form found at the bottom of this page https://dev-play.ro/call-for-indies/  

You will be requested to fill in the following data: 

  • Studio name or your own if you are a single developer, size of your team and/or plans for the studio 
  • Contact details 
  • Select what Dev.Play indie opportunity you want to take advantage of (Indie ExpoPitch ArenaPitching Workshop and/or Production Workshop) 
  • Name of the game you are currently working on or have just published in 2020 
  • Link to the build where we can find the game you are applying with 
  • Link (google drive or Dropbox) to a folder where you put some snapshots of your game, a gameplay trailer (Youtube link or mp4), and a short description of your game (including platforms it is or will be on and what engine you used to develop it) 

I filled in the Application form. What next? 

That’s great, excited to see your game! A member of Dev.Play team will review your application and will soon be in contact with you. You will hear from us by the latest September 30, 2020. 

Still have questions? Happy to have a chat with you! Send us your questions to info@dev-play.ro  with the subject line Indie Expo.