Dev.Play Indie Showcase Area

The Indie Expo is back, after a great edition in 2017, with more developers and a new batch of fresh games!

Dev.Play 2018 will feature again a showcase area, dedicated to indie developers, in a high-traffic part of the venue, to give those indie games the exposure they deserve! As an added bonus, exhibiting in the Indie Expo automatically signs the game up for the Dev.Play Awards.

New for 2018: our friends from Epic Games are hosting a part of the Indie Expo this year, highlighting games developed in Unreal Engine. Be sure to check out their booth, next to the main stage hall and the lounge area!

UPDATE: Submissions are closed and the Indie Expo Finalists have been selected. You can check the list of exhibiting games below, gameplay trailers, included!

PositronX by Scorpius Games

Ironbound by Secret Level

Eternium by Dream Primer

Raiders of the Lost Island by Last Tales Studio

Gibbous – A Cthulhu Adventure by Stuck in Attic

Bossgard by Sand Sailor Studios

Clash of Chefs VR by Flat Hill Games

The Adventures of Elena Temple by GrimTalin

 Castle Siege: War of Legends by Firebyte Games

The Equinox Hunt by Evil Star Studios

Supersolar by babadokia studio

Fearland by FearLand Team

Heavy Crime by Omnidream Creations

Blink Rogues by Fox Dive Studios

Third Omen by Incineration Productions

Unbound  by AlienPixel Studios

Interrogation by Critique Gaming

Forth Triumph  by Cookie Byte Entertainment

Idle TD  by Fun Particle

  Variator by Ruin Software

  Gray Dawn by Interactive Stone