One of the most important aspects for us at Dev.Play offers indies from all over the chance to promote themselves and get a head start.

From the first edition of our event, the Indie Festival has been one of the most successful and crowded areas of the conference. Dozens of developers from Romania and Eastern Europe have exhibited during the past years and we’re proud to say that games which were first showcased at Dev.Play went on to win awards at well-known international indie competitions (such as the Nordic Game Discovery Contest or the Reboot Develop Awards) or secured publishing and investment deals.


We were having Dev.Play online for the last two years was not ideal since we missed the very social nature of Dev.Play. It was a blessing in disguise for the opportunities it forced us to create for the indies. Going online meant STEAM first page daily features and streamers and more! We plan to keep them on in hybrid for this year and try to find even more ways to promote indie games worldwide!

With that said this year, the Indies must be prepared since they will be reviewed for the Dev.Play 2022 Awards!

Here are the 2022 Indie Festival participants! 

The Gods are Fickle by Critique Gaming

Monos: The Endless Tower by EvilStar Studios

Trinity Fusion by Angry Mob Games

March March! by Lepka Games

Hellcard by Thing Trunk

Greedventory by Black Tower Basement

Lords of Ravage by Synthetic Domain

Fabled Lands by Prime Games

Liberte by SuperStatic Studio

Railbound by Afterburn

Doors: Paradox by Big Loop Studios

Bear & Breakfast by Gummy Cat

First Dwarf by Star Drifters

Haiku, the Robot by Mister Morris Games

Through the Nightmares by Sandman Team

The Hero We Need by VoDoo Studios

The Tales of Bayun by FlyinDogs

Moo Lander by The Sixth Hammer

Sinus by Early Sun Games

Code Alkonost by Remote Human