17:00 – 18:15

Workshop: Getting Started In The Game Dev Industry (In Romania)

With: Alexandru Padure, Assist Software / Catalin Butnariu, RGDA

Synopsis: This interactive session is aimed at students who are interested in joining the game dev industry. Local industry veterans Alexandru Padure and Catalin Butnariu will go over the process of game dev and the various roles that comprise game development, as well as the various opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship that are available in the local industry in Romania.


10:45- 11:45

Workshop: Anatomy Of A Mobile Game (From An Engineering Perspective)

With: Marius Gherman, Amber

Synopsis: In this session, Marius will go over the building blocks of a mobile game and common practices for building such products. The session is recommended to students interested in game dev, but anyone is welcome to join.

11:45- 12:45

Workshop: Business And Legal Trends In 2024

With: Patrick Sweeney, IE LAW

Synopsis: Join this session to hear Patrick Sweeney’s latest insights on a variety of topics such as publishing contracts, M&A, AI, app store wars, and more.